Software Development Trends Since 2000

Nowadays, Software is present in all human activities. They can solve complicated problems, contributing during decision making and even forecasting the future. Due to this, our welfare, jobs, security and even our decisions are in the hands of software applications. In this article, we present a timeline about software development since 2000 to review the


What is Robotic Process Automation?

How software tools can help us on repetitive and complex tasks? This is where RPA applicable! On this article, the term of Robotic Process Automation (RPA) alongside of its benefits and limitations would be explained Robotic process automation (RPA) is about software tools which make human activities automatically. These activities are rule based and repetitive


Software: on premise or on the cloud?

The world of IT was entirely disrupted by new technologies. One of these changes refers to hosting and developing software on premise or in the cloud. In this article we provide a brief comparative explanation of these two technologies to highlight their pros and cons. Rapidly changing of technology leads to having numerous options for

Product thinking, Problem solving

What is Product Thinking?

Abstract Have you ever thought why customers buy something? The reason is simple: they purchase a product because that product can solve a real problem for them. It means customers see the product first and then review the design and other matters. The lesson learned here is to know that a product is a mixture


Work Breakdown Structures (WBS)

What is Work Breakdown Structure? Essentially, WBS determines the „what“ for the project. Everything you need to do in a project is shown in a simple and easy to understand map. The aim of this graph is to breaking down complex tasks into smaller and more functional components. Image extracted from Systems Engineering Fundamentals. Defense


Business-IT alignment: What is it exactly about?

The first question about business-IT alignment is that what does it actually mean? Here in this article we take a look at the Business Strategic Plan and the accompanying IT Strategic Plan, and how to integrate it to maximize value. When you use the word “alignment”, it means that there are two separate entities that


What is Artificial Intelligence (AI)?

Artificial intelligence (AI) is cloning the human intelligence processes by computer systems. Like human intelligence, AI also follows same process includes learning (identifying the information, acquisition of information and set rules for using the information), think logically (using new rules to reach conclusion) and at the last step self correction. Regarding the objectives that AI


What is e-Government and why it is important?

The Internet, the personal computers and the mobile phones have revolutionized our lives. This revolutionizing also affects governments through e-government while governments around the world recognize e-government’s importance and benefits and looking for related solutions to optimize their services to the citizens. The World Bank (2012) defines e-government as the use of information technology by


What is Blockchain and how it could disrupt businesses?

What is Blockchain? The blockchain is one of the most creative invention so far. However since it was entered the market, it has disrupt most of businesses and activities into a greater level. This is why everybody is asking „What exactly is Blockchain?“ Originally, blockchain technology was created to allow distributing digital information decentralized and


Digitalization and its Effectiveness for Companies

What is Digitalization? In recent years, many digital technologies have been dramatically developed (like mobile Internet, artificial intelligence, Internet of Things etc.) and have moved forward to our everyday life. Indeed, online and offline disruptive technologies change our entire life. Among these technologies, digitalization plays a main role. Digitalization is not only optimize automation, but

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